Q. As part-time residents, we have often wondered who would watch our home while we’re so many miles away. What advantages are J & L Classic Homes’ services compared to having a neighbor or friend watch our home?

A. A neighbor or friend is a fine relationship to have, but they may not always be able to recognize a potential problem before it occurs. We’re observant. Our home watch service is more than watering the plants and flushing toilets. We perform our visits with a watchful experienced eye to help preserve your property’s value and keep it in shape.

Q. With many home watch services from which to choose, what differentiates your services from others?

A. Our approach is to be proactive vs. reactive. Because of our background in home improvement, our scheduled visits examine the home quite differently that our competitors. With years of experience, we’ve learned to recognize challenges. With client permission, we promote a “take action” plan before identified challenges become an issue.

Q. How will we know the status of our home?

A. The major key to our success has always been adequate communication with our clients. Our clients want and receive services from us, whom they can trust to keep a watchful eye on their home, and a go-to person they can count on if things happen when miles away or visiting. We update our clients through email after each visit to their property. In the event a challenge arises, we’ll send pictures via the internet. This service allows our clients to evaluate the condition and make sound decisions.